Wendy Patton’s “Working with Realtors” (Digital)


Wendy Patton’s “Working with Realtors” (Digital)

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While other real estate teachers might suggest you stay away from real estate agents, I will show you how to profit from their relationships with their Sellers. Sellers tell Realtors® EVERYTHING about their personal lives. They know who is motivated and why. Realtors® are the first person to hear a Seller say the dreaded 4 letter word, “Realtor®, if my home doesn’t sell soon, I am going to have to RENT it!” Most Realtors® panic when they hear this word, but I will teach you how to capitalize on this opportunity. Your phone will be ringing off the hook, like a home with 5 teenagers living in it.

This course will show you how to get Realtors® BEGGING you to buy their listings. Why would they do this? I will show you how to make it a win/win; how to help their sellers and how to pay the real estate agent to close a deal with you (without it costing you one dime!). I have done this all without using any of my own money or credit.