The 1 trick I use to close lease option deals

What’s my Number One Trick ?

I search the rentals section! That’s right! Many people that are renting homes are doing so just to cash-flow a property they would rather get rid of. This is your opportunity to take advantage and find motivated sellers that are open to creative financing deals.

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Call the ads in the paper and on craigslist that are in the for rent section, NOT the for sale section. The reason I do this is that 90%+ of sellers must get their cash out and a large portion of the other 10% won’t consider something creative. It is not because they don’t want to consider something creative, it is just that they would prefer to cash out and be done with the property and also something unique will scare most sellers. Call the ads that are for rent, because the #1 and 2 objections for selling on an option has been resolved. The owner does not need to sell or to cash out of the home AND they are willing to lease the home.

Click the links below to download my Motivated Sellers scripts

LO Script ( with commentary PDF )

LO Script edit version ( without commentary PDF )


 Watch This Video To See How Wendy Finds Motivated Sellers Using This System.

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