Get the Deed “Subject To”

Become A Real Estate Investor With NO Money And NO Credit!

In this course you’ll discover how to become a real estate investor with no money out of your own pocket – you don’t even need any credit. This course will show you just how simple it is to get Sellers to pay YOU to take their property off of their hands!

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

Introducing Wendy Patton’s “Get The Deed Subject-To”
Digital Real Estate Investing Digital Course

There are thousands of people out there who want to sell their home, but for various reasons find they can’t. Oftentimes, what these sellers need is a non-traditional solution. This is where you come in…

In a getting the deed Subject-To real estate deal, the seller signs their deed over to you in exchange for you taking over their mortgage payments. You don’t need to qualify for a loan because you are simply taking over an existing mortgage – your name never even goes on the loan. In this type of deal, it doesn’t matter if you have no credit, or even terrible credit, because you don’t have to qualify for anything!

Subject-To deals can build you tremendous wealth, and are an excellent long-term strategy for real estate investors. These are a creative solution which allow you to control multiple properties, paying nothing out of your own pocket, which you can start making a profit from right away!

What are the advantages of a Subject-To deal?

  • • Minimum or zero down—usually less down when taking the deed.
  • • No financing—just take over payment
  • • Ownership “Seasoning” is easier proved
  • • Long term capital gains
  • • No qualifying
  • • No income or credit checks
  • • Great ROI (return on investment)
  • • Can buy in IRAs
  • • Sometimes get paid to take ownership!
  • • But best of all, the Seller is helped and will thank you!

In this course you will learn:

  • • How to negotiate with the seller to give you their deed.
  • • How to protect yourself legally.
  • • Where to find sellers that have equity and good mortgage payments.
  • • What to say to the seller when they ask questions or bring up objections.
  • • How to determine the profitability of a deal and then structure your offer around it.

Let me give you an example of just how easy a Subject-To deal can be:

A seller owes $190,000 on a house that appraises for $230,000. Due to work needed on the home and a history of bad renters, the seller just wants to make the property go away. They then sign the deed over to you, the investor, “Subject-To” you taking over the mortgage payments.  

Now, let’s assume you have some great contacts in the trades, and are able to complete the repairs on the home for just under $10,000.  

With the seller’s mortgage payment being $1400 per month and this home renting for $1900, the would be a great investment deal!

Simple, Right!?

Now, obviously not all subject-to deals are going to be this easy; but even those that are more complicated will seem like a piece of cake once you’ve worked through Wendy’s course.

What’s included in the Get The Deed Subject-To course

  • • Wendy Patton’s complete “Control Without Ownership – Subject-To” course workbook which guides you through the process of getting a deed subject-to in an easy-to-understand, step by step format
  • •  7 Training Videos by Wendy Patton breaking Subject-To’s down step-by-step.
  • • A list of common seller objections, and how to overcome them!
  • • Wendy’s patented Subject-To checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything
  • • A profitability worksheet you can use to see just how much you’ll be making on each deal
  • • Disclosure forms, notices and affidavit forms
  • • All the contracts you need to close the deal

What are you waiting for!?

There could be dozens of these deals waiting for you RIGHT NOW in your own town – dozens of sellers desperate for buyers, and YOU CAN HELP THEM!

Don’t delay: The sooner you order Wendy’s Get The Deed Subject-To digital course, the sooner you can be on your way to finding your first deal!