Working with Realtors

The Realtor® System is Wendy’s niche. She is the BEST in the country at working with Realtors®. She knows ALL the ins and outs of how Realtors® work and think. She is a licensed real estate broker, owned offices in 3 states and will show you how to get Realtors® Begging You to Buy Their Listings in your market. Wendy is the ONLY national real estate coach to show you how and why you should work with Realtors®. Why not? They work with 80-90% of sellers. Wendy likes to buy the “pretty” homes therefore Realtors® are the key to this strategy.

While other real estate teachers might suggest you stay away from real estate agents, Wendy shows you how to profit from their relationships with their sellers. Sellers tell Realtors® EVERYTHING about their personal lives. They know who is motivated and why. Realtors® are the first person to hear a seller say the dreaded 4 letter word, “Realtor®, if my home doesn’t sell soon, I am going to have to RENT it!” Most Realtors® panic when they hear this word, but Wendy teaches you how to capitalize on this opportunity. Your phone will be ringing off the hook, like a home with 5 teenagers living in it.

This course will show you how to get Realtors® Begging You to Buy Their Listings. Why would they do this? Wendy shows you how to make it a win/win; how to help their sellers and how to pay the real estate agent to close a deal with you (without it costing you one dime!). She does this all without using any of her own money or credit.

In this course Wendy will teach you:

  • What to say to Realtors® so that the 4 letter word (RENT) is something they wish they heard more often.
  • How to get your phone ringing off the wall with calls from Realtors®.
  • How to get into a real estate office and work with the managing broker.
  • Ways to get Realtors® to bring you the seller on a deal and then the buyers, as well. They do all the legwork while you make the monthly profit and the big back end check!

When you learn Wendy’s secrets, you will be depositing huge checks into your savings account!

Wendy’s training is complete and step-by-step. In Wendy’s course you will also:

  • Learn tested and proven methods that will get Realtors® begging you to buy their listings.
  • Learn how to create a simple proposal before you go to contract. This will save you a lot of time/money.
  • Wendy will teach you different ways to attract Realtors®.

While many investors are working too hard to find their seller leads. Wendy shows you how to make it simple and get more deals on your desk then you can handle. Why not work with those that have the deals in the bag already (Realtors®)?

Wendy takes you through the entire step-by-step approach of how to work with Realtors® for your next investment property. Wendy has also included audio CDs that will help you prepare to work with Realtors® and complete your transaction with ease.