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See how Lease Options and Subject-Tos can propel you to financial freedom. Learn how Wendy, and investors like her, have been growing their wealth with $0 down Lease Options and Subject-Tos.  For over 35 years Wendy has been using creative financing to make lots of money!   You can too!

Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and “Subject-To” Deals: Second Edition is now LIVE ON AMAZON!

I am so excited to share a project that I have been working on with all of you. My original book was written in 2005 and much of the information is still relevant today. I have not only updated it but packed it with even more resources and bonuses than before!

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Learn how Wendy started her real estate empire with Lease Options and how you can too. See how she went from an indebted single mother to a Creative Real Estate entrepreneur and icon.

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