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Welcome to your training, let's get started! First download the contract and example contracts then watch the quick introduction video below, where I will walk you through the first part of the course. In this course You have EXACTLY what you need to START TODAY! Let's go!

Before we get started, make sure to download the course materials and contracts below

Cooperative Lease Options Forms & Contracts

Cooperative Lease Options Example Contracts

Now let me walk you through an example deal. This is based on a deal I recently closed, only the names and location have been changed. Click the video below to get started with cooperative lease option checklist

Is it all starting to come together now? Let's keep going!

Let's move on to the tenant buyer side of the deal now...

Step-by-Step Seller Contracts - Click the video below to get started...

Step-by-Step Buyer Contracts - Click the video below to get started...