Sandwich Lease Options

Whether you’ve left your job to pursue your own dreams of becoming a baker, a pilot, an artist or a Realtor – we all have the same concerns and fears about starting out in a new business venture where we have to rely on our own efforts to make a payday. Even then, the first couple of years can be rough.  It takes a while to “pay your dues” in any new skill – and learning real estate is a skill – but real estate not only has immediate profits through lease options, it can automatically provide investment income by the very nature of appreciation or equity buildup (to be discussed later in this book). Real estate builds a tangible future that can set you up for life if you have the passion and the drive to dig in and overcome the fears of trying something new.

I am so glad I pursued my dreams in real estate many years ago.  When I left corporate America in the mid-1990’s to pursue real estate full time, it was the best career move I have ever made! It has given me financial freedom. Do you want to be free?  Real estate can give you Future Financial Freedom (FX3) too!

This book will share my secrets and strategies of Sandwich Lease Options with you. I suggest you try them all and decide what works best for your personal style and your specific area of the country. As you find your niche, you will perfect it.  Real estate investing changed my life and it can change yours too.   May lease options and zero down strategies change the way you think and help you live out your dreams so that you may have all the choices and freedom you desire!    ~ Wendy Patton