Monthly cash-flow, lower risk, low startup costs and potential for huge paydays.

The perks of real estate investing aren’t only for the pros. What’s stopping you from becoming an investor?

Like most people, you want control over your financial future. That’s the reason I got into real estate, and over 20 years later it’s still what I love to do. I love it for the freedom and lifestyle it has afforded me. And I want that for you!

That is if you’re willing to do the work.

I can show you the way, but you have to be committed to the process. You’ll have it a little easier than me though and here’s why:

Throughout my years in real estate, I’ve made many mistakes. Costly mistakes. Lucky for you, my mistakes are your fast-track tips to success. 

I don’t want to see you make the same simple mistakes I made when I was getting started. You could be making those mistakes right now. How will you know? (I’m glad you asked!)

My REI Starter Kit includes the Sandwich Lease Option Business in a Box, giving you all the tips, training, and materials you need to successfully buy and sell lease option properties.

And now, get 3 months free membership to my Inner Circle, an exclusive online community granting you to access to our private Facebook group, on-demand industry pros and peers, and monthly REI Ask Me Anything webinars hosted by yours truly, ready to share my expert advice on your toughest real estate investing questions.

Why should I invest using sandwich lease options?

Sandwich Lease Option Business in a Box: All The Tools, Training and Contracts You Need To Start Making Money and Taking Control of Your Financial Future – This Month!

With my system and contracts, you’ll get an insiders edge and a real head start on your business. You’ll have the infrastructure for your first deal at your fingertips.

That sounds pretty good, right? What if I told you that you’ll be making money in your first 30 days with no prior investment experience?

These courses and contracts — buying on a lease option and selling on lease option — allow you to successfully close sandwich lease option deals.

I recommend sandwich lease option (SLO) deals for people that want to make money in their first 30 days but have little to no experience investing in real estate.

Sandwich lease options are the perfect starting point for beginners and a reliable source of profits that seasoned investors often find themselves returning to.

Check out the top five reasons why controlling properties through sandwich lease options is the best way to earn money in real estate investing.

Sandwich lease options have a ton of value to offer new or inexperienced investors:

  • Easy to understand
  • Little to no capital risk
  • Abundant leads
  • Providing solutions for buyers and sellers
  • Plentiful market & quick deals


What’s Inside The Sandwich Lease Option Business in a Box?

Buying on Lease Options Training Resources and Contracts:

  • Forms and Contract Library (the same ones I use to close lease option deals!)
  • Why sellers need and will accept lease option terms
  • Where to find lease option sellers
  • How to secure properties with all of the legal contracts and forms designed to protect YOU! (they are ALL included)

Selling on Lease Options:

  • Forms and Contract Library (Microsoft Word, Excel and editable PDF’s to alter them for your specific deal)
  • Easy-to-understand forms
  • Step-by-step guides to filling out paperwork
  • Expert advice on structuring a deal
  • Live buyer conversations and buyer scripts
  • Wendy’s interview with industry pros on the latest and greatest techniques to you get paid


Also included:

  • Profitability Worksheet with instructions – the Excel spreadsheet Wendy uses to figure out how to calculate her profit for each deal
  • Rental Agreement, Purchase Agreement and, of course, the Option Agreement
  • Ads to attract tenant buyers and where to place them
  • Rental applications, deposit form, payment ledger, pet agreement, and much more

You don’t need to make the same mistakes I did.
You don’t need to waste time or money on expensive legal fees.
You don’t need to grope in the dark looking for information all over the web on how to start a business.
You don’t need more hassles and uncertainty.
You don’t need to waste time and avoid taking action anymore.

What you need, if you’re looking to do this real estate thing for real, with little or no money down, are these courses and contracts and a willingness to work.

That’s it!

Invest in the Sandwich Lease Option Course to kickstart your real estate investment career and join the Inner Circle for free!

I can’t wait to hear about your first deal!
Wendy Patton