Get personalized, one-on-one Lease Option Coaching with Jim Aydelotte for $199 per month. Jim is one of my most successful former students of all time.

On the Road to an Educated Failure – or Succe$$ to Financial Freedom?


Lease Options Coaching with Jim Aydelotte

You bought the course, attended the boot camp, listened intently, asked questions, and wrote tons of notes – but WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Why do I need coaching?

Because personal coaching is the absolute best way to begin taking control of your future in your Real Estate business.

When you attend a boot camp, buy a course, and invest in your financial freedom, you have all the components you need to build your business – except ONE CRITICAL ELEMENT!

You do not have someone who can walk you through the mine field of your first deals!

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 You see, there is nothing on the planet that compares to this business, but if you don’t know:

  • where to begin,
  • how best to use your time,
  • how to begin talking to sellers (arguably the most frightening thing for some people),
  • what to do when a seller says yes,
  • how to analyze the deal,
  • and then make intelligent offers…

Then all you will have is enough information to be dangerous!

But there’s help for you that will lead you to financial freedom.

Jim will guide you through all the obstacles of beginning your real-estate business so you can get that first check quick!

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