Why Control Without Ownership Using Lease Options is Worth Your Time

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How much is your business worth when you have control without ownership using lease options? With a single deal, you can expect to make at least $3,000 from the lease option fee, $15,000 when the sale closes, and $2,000 from the rent spread. That one deal alone is worth $20,000! That’s the minimum you can reasonably expect to make on each and every deal.

If you do 5 deals a year, you’ll make $100,000 a year. And it only gets better from there. That is doing only one deal every 2 ½ months. That’s a very small time commitment. Bumping it up to 1 deal every month will more than double your 6-figure income to $240,000.

All with little or no risk and little or no investment capital!

You May Even Do Better in Your Part of the Country

If you do a minimum deal ($20,000) every month for 3 years, you’ll make $720,000. In a short 5 years, with a deal every month, you’ll have $1.2 Million! You could have your retirement fully funded whether you are ready to retire or not.

These numbers are all driven by percentages. The minimum example is based on a $100,000 house with a 3% lease option fee. Higher selling prices mean higher lease option fees, higher rents with higher spreads, and a higher payout at the time of sale. If median-priced houses in your part of the country are selling for $200,000, you will double those minimum numbers; $300,000 houses will triple the numbers… and so on. In some parts of the country, it will be much more…

A word of caution: Because higher profits are driven by percentages, it can be tempting to go after high-end houses. The problem becomes that you will not get consistent results because there are fewer sellers and fewer buyers in the high-end market. Consistent results, consistent profits, and consistent income come by focusing on the sweet spot, the part of the market close to the median sale’s price. This is the part of the market with the most activity – with the most sellers, the most buyers, and where the most mortgages are being approved.

So, what else do you need to know about control without ownership using lease options?…

Get the Money – Keep Your Life

Once you know how to make the money, you want to start thinking about what to do with the rest of your life. Don’t live by default. Living by default is what happens when someone else defines your life mission and life goals.

Prosperity Means Freedom, Time, Choices, and Happiness.

Have you ever tried to define how much money you need or want? A good definition is having more money than you need. It’s completely your choice how much is enough. You could do 1 or 2 lease option deals in January and February and be set for the entire year. Or you can do 8, 9, 10 deals if you want more money. Either way, you won’t work very hard but you will trade your time for money.

Once people come to appreciate this way of life, many decide to do as many deals each month as they decide they want to do that month – no more and no less – lots of flexibility.

It gives you the ability to experience life on your terms and even change your terms when you choose. A typical decision is working 35% of the traditional work year and taking off at least 50% of the work year.

The decision is yours to work as little or as much as you decide, but only after you have all of the tools are you able to take control without ownership using lease options

  1. Investing In Real Estate With Lease Options.
  2. Advanced strategies for Buying and Selling with Lease Options.
  3. You’re Wealth Building Arsenal.
  4. Add Personalized Coaching.
  5. Cooperative Lease Options.
  6. Expand to Get the Deed “Subject To.”
  7. Round it all out by Working with Realtors.

By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn myself and my students millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate to find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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