The Power of Sandwich Lease Options and Realtors in a Sellers’ Market

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“I can help you make money with unqualified buyers in this seller’s market!” That is a powerful opening line to share when you want to start working with real estate agents that are turning away telephone calls from buyers that can’t meet the qualifications set by sellers and lenders. It leads to long-term relationships with realtors when you can offer them a quick $500 to refer names and telephone numbers that they would otherwise delete or throw away.

You help real estate agents become superstars when they hook up struggling buyers with a sandwich lease option!

Turning Garbage Into Real Money By Working With Realtors

Whether it is an office visit or a telephone call, realtors regularly come across wannabe buyers that can’t qualify for a mortgage in the next 3 months. These are very serious buyers, but the truth is they won’t qualify for a year or 18 months. The typical house in a seller’s market will be sold in a few weeks. Even the toughest of today’s listings will expire in 3 months. There isn’t a single listing that the realtor can show them today with an expectation of making a sale. These are the telephone messages and meeting notes that go straight to the delete folder. These are some of the wannabe buyers that can be referred to you when working with realtors!

Show real estate agents how to turn a piece of garbage into $500!

There are ways to pay the commission to realtors using sandwich lease options and of course those techniques are fully covered in the course. But… there is a way of working with realtors without having to pay the full commission. These ‘garbage’ referrals are exactly how you do this. These referrals are completely useless to the realtor. The best they can possibly do is be cordial and encouraging to the unqualified buyer in hopes they will come back in 18 months when they do qualify for a mortgage. These serious wannabe buyers are the exact buyers that you want as a sandwich lease option investor. EVERYONE WINS!

Sandwich lease option investors gladly offer a $500 fee to the realtor for their ‘garbage’ referrals!

It’s Only the Start of Your Working with Realtors Relationship

“Ms. Realtor, let me write you a check for $500 today for your garbage notes, and I’d like to do more business with you in the future.” Do you think that sounds like the beginning of a long business relationship? Realtors are the heartbeat of real estate deals. They know about every single house in their neighborhood that is for sale – even the “For Sale By Owner” deals. Working with realtors opens all of these deals to you as a sandwich lease option investor. It includes the hard-to-sell listings and the seller that just told the realtor, “I’m going to rent it next week, if you don’t sell it this week.” It includes these types of deals and others where the realtor has put in lots of work but might not ever close the deal to collect the commission.

It all begins when you offer a realtor $500, but only if you lease a house to a tenant-buyer in a sandwich lease option deal. You can write that check to the realtor next week to begin a long-lasting relationship that opens many more deals for both of you.

Working with Realtors brings deals to sandwich lease option investors that otherwise would never make it to the closing table!

You’ve Opened the Realtor’s Eyes to Sandwich Lease Options

Most realtors have heard about sandwich lease options but not many of them have ever been involved with a sandwich lease. Realtors don’t know the nuts and bolts of sandwich lease options. They never saw themselves fitting into the picture. They didn’t see how there could be money in it for them. With that $500 check in their pocket, they want to know much more.

Take your new friend, the realtor, to lunch or ask to make a presentation to the entire office. You have a lot more to offer with working with realtor relationships. Here are a few key highlights you’ll want to share:

A very innovative edge to sell more listings.

Creative solutions when traditional solutions won’t work.

Sandwich lease investors are NOT competitors – we are problem solvers.

You want to be an extension of their services to help with their difficult listings.

Here are typical times when sandwich lease options work well (and there are more):

Vacant houses

Seller needs debt relief

Seller has little equity

A listing is not selling

A house needing some renovations

The full realtor commission will be paid on most deals

Investors working with realtors brings the realtor a competitive advantage as a path less chosen!

Why You Want to Work With Realtors

It’s simple logic because the Realtor is also going to bring you repeat business. That’s one of the big benefits that come with working with realtors as an investor. You’ll be sharing part of the money, but you’ll be collecting the lion’s share at the closing table. With a few emails and short presentations, you will soon have 3 or 4 Realtors bringing you several sandwich lease options every month – as much business as you want.

When a Realtor® hears a seller say, “If my home doesn’t sell soon, I might have to RENT it!” – the Realtor® should immediately think of you.

Ideally, you want realtors that have an understanding of real estate investing. This is easy because most Realtors are investors themselves. Realtors interested in investment properties hang out at the same places as other investors – at real estate investor clubs and groups across the country.

It can also be worth your time checking out realtors who specialize in the types of houses and neighborhoods you invest in. Drive through these neighborhoods looking for “For Sale” signs. Also, call on these listings in the MLS. Take down the contact information for these realtors.

Work With Realtors Specializing in Listing Properties

You can work with any realtor, but it makes the most sense to work with realtors that specialize in listing houses for sale. That’s because sandwich lease investors typically put the most effort into finding motivated sellers. But if you do need to quickly find a tenant/buyer, realtors that specialize in working with buyers always have buyers that are having trouble qualifying for a mortgage.

Ultimately, working with realtors on lease options supports both sides of your sandwich lease option business!

A benefit that you provide to listing realtors is that they don’t have to immediately take the listing off the sales market. They can continue marketing the house until you find a tenant/buyer for the sandwich lease option. But as full disclosure to the listing realtor, you should let them know this usually only takes two or four days, a week at the most – the seller did say they had to put a renter in if it didn’t sell in the next week.

Through my blogs, articles, webpage, YouTube, Facebook, and other sources, I’ll keep sharing the tips and techniques you need towards your success with lease options. Better yet, for your full education, go through it all step-by-step by clicking the links below:

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By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn myself and my students millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate to find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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