The 4 WIN Formula by Working with Realtors® and Lease Options

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Working with Realtors® using lease options is a great niche for real estate investors if you want a market segment that almost no one else is profiting in. Whether you want to wholesale lease options or create sandwich lease options, you can believe there is probably no one else in your local market doing this by working with realtors.

Working with realtors adds several more layers of WIN to lease options. It begins by adding the realtor as a fourth individual to be a WINNER in the deal. I talk extensively about the first three individual winners – the seller, the buyer, and you as an investor. However, when you start working with realtors, you add the realtor as another winner. Better yet, you can count multiple added layers of WIN by including the many benefits that real estate agents bring to your niche… starting with access to a much bigger market share!

A shocking surprise is that working with realtors and lease options is an exceptionally good niche market that almost every other investor is overlooking!

Multiple Layers of Winning by Working With Realtors and Lease Options

I’m going to begin with a brief recap of the first three wins that come with sandwich lease options, even before including a realtor.

  1. Sellers are winners in several ways. Sellers can start generating income from a vacant house in a matter of a few days. They access a bigger market of buyers for a slow-selling house. They can create an income stream until the house sells. They can reduce taxes by delaying the sale and spreading income over a few years… and many more benefits!
  2. Buyers are big winners because they live in a nice house while saving a down payment and repairing credit until they can become the homeowner. It’s a way for them to buy when no one else will work with them… and in other ways such as test-driving a neighborhood or house before buying.
  3. As an investor, you win financially! You control an investment property for little or no money and no credit. You collect a big upfront payday, a stream of rent paydays, and a big payday when the purchase happens. Of course, there is much more in the training materials… and now you gain even more by bringing in a realtor!

Working with Realtors increases the size of their market and your market!

The retail market is what 90% of the people and investors understand. The lease option market takes up the major portion of the remaining 10%. Keep in mind that realtors have access to almost 100% of the entire residential real estate market. Realtors even have access to a large part of the For Sale By Owner market because many buyers in this segment will insist on bring in an agent to represent them in the purchase. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any part of the market that realtors are not involved. Here’s the big niche for both of you…. realtors and other investors are ignoring that remaining 10% of the retail market that lease options take up!

10% of a gigantic market is a huge piece of the pie!

For instance, as I write this, there are 39,480 homes listed for sale on the MLS in Michigan state. With realtors and other investors ignoring 10% of that, it comes to 3,948 houses that could be sandwich lease options right now in Michigan alone! That number changes every day and even the ones that fall off MLS are still exceptionally good candidates for a sandwich lease option. If you want a huge part of the pie that is being ignored, you want exclusive access to 10% of everything. Remember, this piece of the pie is also being overlooked by realtors. When they start working with this piece of the pie, they also increase the size of the market they are working with – a big WIN for realtors!

Sharing a Big Slice of the Pie with Realtors

One effortless way to get started in this niche market is by simply saying to a realtor, “I am looking for an agent that will find a rental property for me to buy.” That will gain the attention of every agent, but… this is about much more than just rental houses. There is a whole slice of the pie out there that are houses for sale waiting for a sandwich lease option. For instance, a burned-out landlord who is ready to sell but could use a steady income for a few more years. And maybe most importantly… every seller with a vacant house that is costing them money when it could be generating income.

Realtors need to have sandwich lease options in their hip pocket whenever they hear a seller utter the dreaded words, “If you don’t sell this house soon, I’ll have to lease it out.”

Realtors Can Bring You 90% of Your Sandwich Lease Options

Whether you are new to sandwich lease options or highly experienced, the Working With Realtors Method will add as many properties to your portfolio as you want. You may need more than one realtor on your team but growing your market share is limitless. Another win for you is that you no longer need to search for sellers if you don’t want to. And… realtors can bring you all the tenant-buyers that you will ever want. Maybe best of all, you greatly expand your market size while getting help doing much of the work.

A lot of winning happens when you work with realtors!

Your job is to assist realtors to understand lease options. I do this using several techniques. First, the course materials provide a letter to send to a listing agent explaining the concept of sandwich lease options. Second, there is a presentation to share with your local real estate offices. Third, you want to network and continually tell realtors what you do.

Keep in mind that realtors are trained in the ‘Big Retail Market,’ which is 90% of what is out there. As sandwich lease option investors, it’s our job to continue helping those around us understand what we do so they know when to call us.

The course letters, presentations, and networking help all of us help the other 10% of the under served market.

“I can help you make money with unqualified buyers in this seller’s market!” That is one more powerful opening line to share when you want to start working with realtors!

The ways that everyone comes away a WINNER goes on and on and on…

A very innovative edge for realtors to sell more listings.

Creative solutions when traditional solutions won’t work.

Sandwich lease investors are NOT competitors – we are problem solvers.

You want to be an extension of their services to help with their difficult listings.

I’ll keep sharing the tips and techniques you need to assure your success with lease options. Better yet and for your full education, go through it all step-by-step by clicking the links below:

  1. Working with Realtors.
  2. Investing In Real Estate with Lease Options.
  3. Advanced strategies for Buying and Selling with Lease Options.
  4. Your full Wealth Building Arsenal.
  5. Cooperative Lease Options.
  6. Add Personalized Coaching.
  7. Expand to Get the Deed “Subject To.”

By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn myself and my students millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate to find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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