Property For Sale – When’s the Best Time?

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Ask any real estate agent when the best time is to place a property for sale and the answer will always be “now”. Of course, that’s because he or she wants the listing. However, the real answer to when to put a property for sale is when the largest number of buyers are active in the market.


Investors Put Property for Sale at Any Time

As investors, we tend to sell whenever the opportunity comes along. It’s fine putting a property for sale at any time of the year as long as you aren’t desperate to sell and can hold the line on your asking price. Still, there are certain times of the year that are better and best to place your property for sale. In general, this is how it works out:

  • January 1-15, Okay
  • January 16-31, Good
  • February, Great
  • March, Great
  • April, Great
  • May, Great
  • June, Great
  • July 1-14, Good
  • July 15-31, Poor
  • August, Bad
  • September 1-15, Poor
  • September 16-30, Good
  • October, Good
  • November 1-15, Good
  • November 16-30, poor
  • December, Bad

The winter months, especially around the holidays are the worst time to put a property for sale. Makes sense because people are locked inside their homes, staying out of bad weather, and busy preparing and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. However, as an investor looking for bargain deals, this is the same time to be looking for deals when some people are desperate to make a sale.

Property for Sale – Comparing the Four Seasons

Spring has long been the best season to put a property for sale. People have cabin fever and look for reasons to get out of the house. They might want to find four new walls to stare at next winter. It puts house hunters in a good mood when gardens are in bloom, the weather is mild, and the days are longer. This is when the market swells with buyers and a great time to have a property for sale. February might be a bit early for spring but it’s a good time have the early listing when people are first emerging from the winter.

Summer is not a great time to have a property for sale. Kids are on summer vacation and the family is out doing things like picnics at the lake and driving across country to visit relatives.

Autumn comes back around to a good season to have a property for sale. It’s not as good of time as spring but there will be plenty of buyers in the market in September and October. Come early November, people make like bears and return to their caves to hibernate through the winter.

But don’t be discouraged if you need to put a property for sale any time of the year. There are always buyers in the market. Just some times of the year there are more buyers than other times of the year. What it really takes is bringing the right buyer and the right house together.

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By Wendy Patton

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