Overcoming the Fear of Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investing success is happening all around you. You see it on TV. You hear about on coffee breaks at work. Your parents have been homeowners as long as you can remember. Maybe your cousin even made a decent chunk of change flipping an inherited rental left to her by her mother.

So why do you have an unnatural fear of real estate investing? And more importantly, what’s the first step for overcoming the fear of real estate investing?

Let’s begin by better understanding the fears that keep people from making what is often the best financial decision they will ever make!

What are Those Fears?

Fear can be paralyzing. It can be the root cause of why you’re not realizing your dreams and why you’re not making progress towards the life that you want and could have. Fear is so powerful that it can even keep you from dreaming of a better life.

Real estate investing is not a life or death decision. The number one fear is a fear of failing. People fail at many things but get right back up and have great success the next time. Fear of failing leads to analysis paralysis. It leads to inaction. Overcoming the fear of real estate investing only requires having a plan that you trust in. A plan that minimizes the chance of failure and maximizes the reward.

Sure, you probably won’t become an overnight millionaire with your first deal. You might not even make as much profit as you hoped for. But you will gain experience. You will learn an incredible amount about the process. You will gain the confidence to improve and do even better the next time.

Overcoming the Fear of Real Estate Investing Starts with Knowledge

Let’s dispel one major fear – it doesn’t take a lot of money when you use the proven strategies and techniques that I used to build my own fortune. My lease option system is all about controlling property without owning property. It’s about turning your fear into a hero’s story. It begins with a symbolic milestone. It’s about taking a mature step towards being a self responsible adult in charge of your own life. It does take courage (and encouragement) to succeed!

Overcoming the Fear of Real Estate Investing is a Process

This is framed as overcoming the fear of real estate investing but really it’s about decision making. It’s about making decisions based on facts and data rather than having to attend Aunt Gertrude’s cocktail hour conversation about a hunch she has about neighbor selling their house down the block.

Think for a moment about other times you made a financial decision. Maybe it was a car or stocks on Wall Street , or even your college education. You didn’t make the decision lightly, did you? Proper decision making is about developing a list of criteria that needs to be met. Then you look for opportunities meeting most or all of your  criteria. For a car, it might be gas mileage or safety features. For Wall Street stocks, it might be a history of earnings or future potential. For your college degree, it’s a mix of the right courses, knowledgeable professors, and affordability.

You need to first develop a reliable framework of criteria specifically related to real estate investing. And here is the framework for overcoming the fear of real estate investing:

  • Expert advice from a mentor or coach.
  • Educate yourself about real estate investing.
  • Preform risk – reward analysis on lease options.
  • Conduct due diligence on specific properties.
  • Use other people’s money by controlling instead of owning.
  • Reap the rewards.
  • Enjoy the experience.

I’ve enjoyed my own great success and believe there is plenty to go around for everyone. I have personally published multiple books and videos helping many others get started in real estate. I also offer courses. Another easily available resource is a local real estate agent who can help you understand the local market.

Lack of experience is a big hurdle to overcoming the fear of real estate investing. You overcome that hurdle by putting together a plan, attending seminars, and using proven resources. Then you have an expert and others with experience review your plan and make suggestions. Next, find a few potential investment properties. Using your knowledge and plan, run the numbers for each property and have an expert look at what you came up with. There really isn’t much more to overcoming the fear of real estate investing.

What To Do Now

Your fears are real but they prevent you from taking action. There are some fears that are healthy but in business, fear can limit your ability to truly be successful. In the pursuit of financial freedom, fear must be faced and overcome. You take control by expanding your knowledge of the risk and reward fundamentals.

And then you take action. With a proven process, the rest all falls in place!

Are there risks? Yes, there certainly are risks. But those risks are much greater when everything remains unknown. The risks increase when you have too much of your own money tied up in a single property. Sandwich lease options provide maximum diversity by controlling multiple properties while minimizing the risk that comes with ownership of a single investment property.

You will profit and succeed by overcoming the fear of real estate investing with lease purchase options. The bottom line is that the more you learn, the more you earn.

By Wendy Patton

For more than 35 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Options System to earn myself and my students multiple millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate and find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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