Get personalized,  Lease Option Coaching with Jim Aydelotte for $199 per month*. Jim is one of my most successful former students of all time.

 On the Road to an Educated Failure - or Succe$$ to Financial Freedom?


Lease Options Coaching with Jim Aydelotte

Jim Aydelotte

You bought the course, attended the boot camp, listened intently, asked questions, and wrote tons of notes - but WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT?

Coaching is the next step in the process.jim new pic

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 Why do I need coaching?

Personal coaching is the absolute best way to begin taking control of your future in your Real Estate business. When you attend a boot camp, buy a course, and invest in your financial freedom, you have all the components you need to build your business - except for ONE CRITICAL ELEMENT!

You do not have someone who can walk you through the mine field of your first deals!

You see, there is nothing on the planet that compares to this business, but if you don't know:


Then all you will have is enough information to be dangerous!

But there is help for you that will lead you to financial freedom!

Jim will guide you through all the obstacles of beginning your real-estate business so you can get that first check quick!

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3 Responses to Lease Option Coaching with Jim Aydelotte

  • Brian Reddington says:

    Hi Jim. I have known Wendy Patton's reputation as a Lease Option expert for years. She says you are a very successful LO investor and great coach. You are just who I am looking for.
    I have come back to Real Estate Investing after years occupied elsewhere. I don't have time to waste and have goals and missions to complete. Looking for a coach to break LO down to steps for me to follow and execute. I want to duplicate your success with my own success.
    Most of my background is entrepreneurial and real estate related. Began without instruction figuring out how to buy houses with Lis Pendens in NYC. Then established Real Estate sales and Marketing businesses. Finally started and ran a mortgage company for 10+ years.
    Cancer intervened and changed everything.
    I have started over. Have come back to REI. Finding property for sale at a discount was fun and lucrative. Returning to REI fits what I want to do and how I want to live.
    In October, a direct mail SFR I controlled closed by simultaneous sale/assignment/purchase with an all cash retail buyer. This deal has given me the window of time and money to get moving and establish a business again. I aim to get cash up front each month, create recurring monthly cash flow and build equity and appreciation over and over again every month.
    I am looking for guidance and I am ready to go. Please contact me and tell me what you need and expect from me and what you will do to guide me to successfully execute the steps leading to success with Lease Options.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Brian Reddington

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  • James says:

    Hi Jim,

    The issue I am having is having the proper contracts in place since I'm a licensed agent in CA. Also, my broker may need to verify that our contracts are legit. Do you think this will be an issue? Do you supply all the lease option contracts or do I need to create them myself?