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I do not know of a faster way to collect a payday as a real estate investor than with cooperative lease options. You can do this consistently and repeatedly. The secret to this super-fast payday is that you don’t have to take the deal to the closing table. How much can you make with a fast cooperative lease option? Usually, around 3% of the purchase price can be negotiated. For example, a home that is selling for $250,000 can earn a cooperative lease investor about $7,500!

And this is easy because…

Both the buyer and the seller are “cooperating” with you and know exactly what is going on.

Getting Paid Fast for Cooperative Lease Options

There is always a place in this business for sandwich lease options because with those you collect two big pays and multiple smaller paydays that go on for many months. With the cooperative lease option, you are only paid once but it goes so fast that you can do several of these every month.

You can do 3 fast cooperative lease options a month to earn $22,500 if houses are averaging $250,000.

With the cooperative lease option, the way you get paid is by reassigning your lease option to another person and charging more for the reassignment than you paid for it.

This is faster and easier than a sandwich lease option. In the sandwich lease, you’re in the middle of the deal until the tenant-buyer makes the final purchase. In a cooperative lease option, you are in and out of the deal quickly. No need to semi-manage the property until the purchase is complete. As with most creative investment techniques, there are multiple ways of setting up these deals.

There are multiple reasons investors prefer cooperative lease options to sandwich lease options. Many people like to get started with cooperative lease options because the deals get done fast while they are still working a day job. Once they become fully confident with cooperative lease options, they make the leap to quit their day job to go full time with sandwich lease options because those create a steady stream of passive income.

Others prefer cooperative deals because it enables a leisure lifestyle. Even a lifestyle with a lot of travel when you can work these deals with a phone and over the internet – while your feet are buried in the sand on a sunny beach. You can do a lot of traveling and enjoy a leisure lifestyle by doing 3 of these a month to pocket $22,500!

Others have a day job that they are passionate about, but it doesn’t pay much money. Something like a passion for ministry or volunteer work. A few hours a month doing cooperative lease options provides them the money to live comfortably while doing the work they love.

Cooperative lease options can be about having your dream lifestyle!

I’d love to hear from you about why cooperative lease options are a great fit for what you want to do in life. Send me a note here.

Saving Other Deals With a Cooperative Lease Option

Not only can a cooperative lease option be a fast way to put vacation money in your pocket, but it can also be how you save another deal that you would have otherwise walked away from. A good example is a sandwich lease option that you were considering but learned the seller doesn’t have enough equity to make the sandwich work for you – after all, these need to be WIN-WIN for everyone involved.

The average break-even seller is going to be someone that you can’t help with a Sandwich Lease Option, BUT they might be a perfect candidate for a Cooperative Lease Option. If they have almost no equity in the home, you are not going to be able to create a reasonable spread on the sales price to earn you the 3rd payday when the tenant-buyer completes the sale. In fact, the seller’s mortgage payment is probably too high for you to earn much on the monthly rent spread.

What you still have is a seller interested in an option sale and a tenant-buyer with a purchase option fee.

You were thinking this would be a sandwich lease option but after gathering a little information you realize the numbers don’t work for a sandwich lease option. Don’t throw in the towel. What you do have is a seller interested in an option sale and a tenant-buyer with a purchase option fee. These are the two main ingredients that you need for a successful cooperative lease option.

The cooperative lease option is all about bringing the seller and tenant-buyer together. As long as you have those two elements of the deal, you can make both the seller and tenant-buyer happy while you collect the purchase option fee for putting the contracts together that make the other two happy.

Once you flip the option contract to the tenant-buyer, you are out of the deal after collecting your cooperative lease option fee.

Always a WIN-WIN-WIN!!

Wholesales Deals For Excited Buyers

Cooperative lease options are also known as “wholesale” deals. The fact that these are wholesale deals attracts a lot of different buyers. This is a big part of the reason that you can put these deals together amazingly fast and be out of them to get another deal started or do what you want with the rest of your week.

Tenant-buyers that will finish the purchase and live in the home to raise a family are going to be your biggest list of buyers. But they are not your only buyers. Because you can make these into wholesale deals, you can attract another group of buyers – other investors.

The same basic principles work here. You are going to put the house under contract with an option to purchase (but not a requirement to purchase). You are then going to sell your option to purchase to someone else. It can be a tenant-buyer, or it can be another investor. Other investors like it very much when they have an option to purchase because it also gives them more options for what they can to do with the house.

Another investor could use your option to create their own sandwich lease option. Or it could be they want to fix and flip the house. It could be they want to turn it into a rental. Or they might have a buyer ready to purchase it right away at a profit to them. It could also be that the other investor is going to convert your option contract into a “Subject to Existing Financing” deal.

It doesn’t matter much to you because you have the option contract that you can wholesale to the other investors!

A Cooperative Lease Option is remarkably simple. It’s when you purchase the property from the owner on a lease with an option to buy. You then find a buyer who will pay you to step in your shoes. This is a wholesale deal.

How many more deals can you do now with a Cooperative Lease Option that you might have walked away from before?

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By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn myself and my students millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate to find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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