How to Find a Buyer Now

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For new investors, figuring out how to find a buyer now is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Especially if you are doing a For Sale by Owner, or want to self-generate a large list of potential buyers ready to move fast when an opportunity presents itself. But don’t become disillusioned. How to find a buyer now is as easy as steadily working on your ever-growing list.

How to Find a Buyer – Think Like a Buyer

When it comes to lead generation in the world today, 96% of homebuyers start their search online. That’s why the biggest players in our industry have such strong online presences. You don’t need to throw a pile of cash into marketing to find buyers. You can start with a DIY approach.

Traditional old school marketing has very little reach and conversion compared to internet marketing. The most successful investors/sellers have a killer online presence. Today, you really can’t even think about finding buyers without video marketing. But there is much more you can do when learning how to find a buyer now.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. How to find a buyer is done:

  • Without hiring an entire marketing team.
  • Without plowing all of your early profits back into a marketing budget.
  • Without spending every waking moment hunting down free real estate marketing advice.
  • By taking action instead of being hamstrung with analysis paralysis.

#1. Content Marketing. Before you send anything out to an email list, post an advert, or publish anything, you need to develop your content. The reason is that content is what people are looking for online. Every Google search is a hunt for the answers and solutions that you can be providing. If your content is valuable, you will build credibility, generate traffic and leads, drive social media shares, build your brand, and much more. Then, when you do send out an email, people want to read what you are sharing.

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#2. Content marketing defined. Content marketing is different from advertising. Instead of hype and glitter, content marketing helps solve people’s problems and provides fresh insights to be considered. Think about the media you prefer, online articles, newspapers, magazines, movies, etc. Do you anticipate the content or the advertising? It’s the content- right? Point made.

How to Find a Buyer Now – Knowing Your Market Content

There is more to figuring out how to find a buyer now than only describing the house itself. The neighborhood restaurants, crime rates, schools, and shopping centers all play roles in the buy decision. Be sure to feature these at least in part with your marketing content.

Sometimes, going small with a niche market is best. If you’re near a large military installation, you might want to focus on that niche market. When you go with a niche, detailed content is critical. When you get it right, your name becomes known, it’s passed around (word of mouth) so that you become the ‘go-to’ expert within a common group of people. Other niche options focus on golf course homes, homes on lakes, and other specialty markets. Niche markets demand high-quality content.

How to Find a Buyer Now – With Content

Once you have your content, you’re ready to move forward with how to find a buyer now. There are so many options that it’s essential we narrow it down. For that reason, we’ll stay with online marketing. Even with that, you still have many options including the biggies:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click [PPC]

Easily, 70% of people who visit your website or Facebook page never come back… Gone for good! Unless you capture their email addresses and add them to your mailing list. Compared to social media and other online marketing apps that are available, email might feel like it’s from another day and age. But when it comes to delivering current and relevant content, email marketing has an insane ROI and best of all it converts like crazy.

Besides the best ROI, email has higher click-through rates than any other media. It still converts like nothing else you’ll find today. Keep in mind there are 3Xs more email accounts than all of the Facebook and Twitter accounts combined!

Build your email list in every ethical way that you can. If you have Facebook and Twitter accounts, use these to funnel visitor email addresses to your email account. Get on every wholesaler’s list, these people have to find houses to buy somewhere. Gather business cards from seminar and investment club attendees, their cards give you email addresses so they can stay in the investment loop. The same applies with Realtors you come in contact with and weekly classified papers where investors advertise. Also, there are hard money lenders, real estate attorneys, people attending real estate auctions and tax deed sales. Email addresses are everywhere.

Those are only the basics to how to find a buyer now – finding the first 500 email addresses. Stay tuned for more about how to find a buyer now – more ways to deliver content to 15,000 or more people at a time!

By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn my students and myself millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate in finding profitable deals. It’s because of this fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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