Sandwich Lease Wealth Building Arsenal – Earn $100,000+ Per Year

The Sandwich Lease Wealth Building Arsenal is for people ready to fully commit to fast success at real estate investing. Your success only takes 10 hours each week but that needs to be a real 10 hours of effort. Not just reading the headlines in the material but also getting into the details. Once you finish the reading, you put together your Action & Achievement Plan using the template. The number one problem for those wanting to get into real estate is knowing where to begin. Solve that small problem by creating your $Million$ Dollar Action Plan.

Earn $100,000+ Per Year for 10 Hours a Week

Building Your $Million$ Dollar Action Plan

The 10-hour a week plan can easily earn you $100,000 the first year and a million or more in a few short years. The Wealth Building Arsenal gives you all of the techniques that have been fine-tuned over the decades. If you want to jump in at more than 10 hours a week or full-time, you can quickly set up several deals using multiple techniques as unique opportunities come along. If your time is limited to 10 hours, you probably want to begin by reading all of the techniques and then focusing on just one type to get started. As soon as you have a deal or two under your belt, you’ll have mastered the basic sandwich lease option process and be ready to use whichever technique best applies to any deal.

The secret to your Action & Achievement Plan is having the right balance. You want to balance finding houses, finding and managing tenants, with looking for the next house to place under a sandwich lease option. Balance is important to your million-dollar action plan, otherwise you’ll place one or two houses under contract and once the cash starts flowing, you won’t have more deals in-work to continue growing your cash flow.

The secret to a $Million$ Dollar Action & Achievement Plan is consistently adding more cash-flowing properties to your portfolio.

Starting with Sandwich Lease Options

The order that I suggest you begin your reading is:

  1. Buying on Options
  2. Working with Realtors
  3. Selling on Options
  4. Cooperative Lease Options

That is your first 10-hour week – understanding all of the available Wealth Building Arsenal techniques. The first two courses are the most important when you are getting started. You need the basics for buying on lease options to put the first part of the deal together. The second part, Working with Realtors, is also important because this is often the best way to find your first deal the fastest. Working with realtors also helps you start building a network of real estate professionals, which is highly valuable when learning your local real estate market (without becoming a realtor yourself).

A realtor brings knowledge of the local market and you have the knowledge to put together sandwich lease options. It’s a powerful combination and you’ll have a professional PowerPoint Presentation to share with realtors that creates a meeting of the minds.

Remember you’re just getting started. Set a REALISTIC goal for yourself for how many realtors you want to contact in the first week. You don’t have to contact them all on the same day; you can spread it out over the week.

The next step in your action plan is creating five proposals. Try different offers. On the proposal, try putting together cash-out offers (if you can follow through), a lease option, seller financing, or a combination. Save the proposals to be followed up on later. Before you make a proposal, you need to complete the profitability worksheet for the property. You will find that in the Buying on Options course.

Costs are less and profits are higher when selling on lease options!

Your Action Plan Dollars

This is for both your benefit and the seller’s benefit. It shows how fast you can reach your goal of Earning $100,000+ Per Year for 10 Hours a Week.

The comparison chart below is the full deal. You can earn the lease option fee (shown as 4% or $10,000) as soon as you sign your first deal. You’ll also start collecting the rent income the first month. Getting your first deal signed can mean somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 of your $100,000 goal the first year. That means you need about seven deals or less in a year. That’s less than one per month while putting in only 10 hours each week.

The other thing you want to take away from the Dollar Difference Chart is how easy it is to demonstrate to a seller that a sandwich lease option can be more profitable for him or her. One of the beauties of selling real estate on lease options is that sellers are more likely to net top market dollar for their houses (see the $122,420 lease option all-inclusive to seller versus the $30,000 traditional all-inclusive to seller).

Done right, sandwich lease options will sell themselves!

Here are five more important benefits you want to share with the seller to get your first deal done:

  1. Lease options pay the seller’s mortgage.
  2. Lease options pay the seller’s taxes.
  3. Lease options pay the seller’s insurance.
  4. Lease options pay the seller’s HOA cost.
  5. None of this happens with a traditional sale.

As a sandwich lease option investor, you need to be ready and able to explain all of this to sellers because it certainly isn’t intuitive to them.

The Wealth Building Arsenal gives you the most choices for how to get started with sandwich lease options. The Cooperative Lease Option also makes a good starting point because it requires the fewest steps to obtain the fastest profits (but not the biggest profit).

It all starts with a rock-solid action plan. The Wealth Building Arsenal comes with a step-by-step Action & Achievement Plan. The entire system works for your first deal as well as the deals you’re working on in year three.

The Wealth Building Arsenal is all of the detailed processes, the Action & Achievement Plan, along with all of the forms, contracts, and checklists needed to succeed starting with your very first deal. It’s the entire sandwich lease option package on steroids!

Whether you are a brand new part-time investor or an experienced full-time investor, here are all of the ways you can get started today.

  1. The Wealth Building Arsenal
  2. Working with Realtors
  3. Investing In Real Estate with Lease Options.
  4. Cooperative Lease Options.
  5. Advanced strategies for Buying and Selling with Lease Options.
  6. .Add Personalized Coaching.
  7. Expand to Get the Deed “Subject To.”

By Wendy Patton

For more than 30 years, I’ve used the Sandwich Lease Option System to earn myself and my students millions of dollars. From my experience, I know there is plenty of room and opportunity in the real estate investment market for everyone wanting to participate to find profitable deals. It’s because of that fact and my personal success that I share the Sandwich Lease Option System with others.

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