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Working With Realtors as an Investor

I make a point of working with Realtors as an investor. I suggest that students seek out those Realtors… Continue reading

Back to the Future with Rent to Own Properties


There is always something new to learn about rent to own properties using sandwich lease options  That’s why… Continue reading

Sandwich Lease Options – Diving Into More Details

If you regularly read my blogs, you’ve already learned most of the ins and outs of sandwich lease options.… Continue reading

Sandwich Lease Options – Getting the Buyer Qualified for a Mortgage

Congratulations!! You’ve done what is needed using the sandwich lease options method to create a WIN-WIN-WIN outcome for everyone involved.… Continue reading

Selling Real Estate on Lease Options – By the Dollars

I encourage you to read all of the blogs but I especially encourage reading the course material to learn all… Continue reading